We conduct various surveys and ask for feedback throughout the year to help improve our service to parent’s, carers and children.

Below is a selection of our parent comments to give you an idea of how well we deliver on a daily basis:-

Sep 2012 (nursery parent)

Alison Bell

The staff again are the most important part and I think they are amazing. They are the people we deal with day to day and the people who take care of our children. They instil trust in me that I have made the right choice with Happy Feet. I am not worried about my child’s health or wellbeing when I am at work as I know he is in capable hands. To give that peace of mind to a parent is the best service you provide.  

Sep 2012 (nursery parent)

Diane Cummings-Saund

Happy Feet is a very happy friendly nursery, where it is obvious that the children are the number 1 priority.

Sep 2012 (nursery parent)

Pauline Ralston

Good range of holiday club activities. Great environment – lots of space. Very clean. Staff young and enthusiastic.  

Sep 2012 (nursery parent)

Donna Linden

The staff are all very capable and interested in their role. In all honesty, I have never been in a workplace where everyone does their individual role well apart from here. They each understand the pressures of parents and children and meet all my requirements outstandingly.

Sep 2012 (nursery parent)

Lisa Bain

I think Happy Feet Nursery have covered everything with regards safety, communication & childcare needs. Myself & my son feel very valued & included in everything. The key workers are very informative & reassuring and keep me updated on my childs progress etc. Very happy with the service they provide.

Sep 2012 (nursery parent)

Lynette Cameron

Staff, service provided and facilities are excellent. I can’t praise the nursery enough.


Sep 2012 (nursery parent)

Angela Kirkland

I value everything about the nursery, and I love the way that when I take the kids in the staff meet me at the door of the room and have great communication.

Sep 2012 (nursery parent)

Joanna Gillespie

Flexibility is always available and Shirley and Patrick are always happy to help. I value the cleanliness, the positive atmosphere and the nursery nurses, there is not a member of staff that would pass us without saying hello, every member of staff knows my name and my daughter’s name and for a busy nursery, that is pretty impressive. Very happy and would recommend!